one-on-one mentoring

For photographers who are either in their first year of business or just beginning their photography business and need a little guidance to help them stay organized on the front and back end of their business. 

These sessions are designed to help you on the front and backend of your business. We'll dive deep into your workflows, website, portfolio, ideal client, business goals and so much more!

Beginning at $250

Photo Classes

You love photography and have invested in a camera, but you aren't quite sure how to use it and/or aren't quite getting the photos you want.

These classes are designed to help you understand the basics of using a camera to gradually advancing your skills so you can properly take a photo with zero to no blur, get that perfect bokeh and so much more!

These classes are one-on-one due and/or in small groups of 4-5 people due to Covid-19 & are strategically designed to help you understand your camera & fall in love with photography. 

Please contact me directly so for more detailed information. 


For the creative individuals who are tired of those cookie-cutter-presets that everyone uses and they don't match your brand. Together we'll sit down, brain storm, and within 14 days you'll have the preset of your dreams that is personally customized for your feed, brand and is can be used on the go whether from your phone or your laptop!

This is a project based service
please inquire for more details. 


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