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After being a wedding photographer for four years whether as a second shooter or on my own I’ve come cross a dozen magically beautiful wedding rings. In fact photographing the rings during the beginning of a wedding day is one of my favorite parts! I love that wedding rings symbolize commitment, truth, loyalty, and love. […]

When I look back on my life before photography, sitting at my 9-5 desk job and wondering – isn’t there more to life? I never could’ve imagined what my life is like now once I took that leap of faith a went towards pursing my passion. I’m not talking about the business. Or talking about the clicking […]

OH EM GEE!!! Todays is a good day because 1) It’a my birthday! and 2) The new Elena Cuellar brand, website, and blog, LAUNCH TODAY!!! So today feels like like winning the World Series. Or the Stanley Cup. Or something else that’s ridiculously exciting and took months and months of hard work. Holy Cow!!! This […]