Hey guys! I’m Elena and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m a fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Chicago, but I’m always ready to travel with my car keys and/or passport ready to go! I’m known for my obsession with top-knots, jean jackets, Hallmark + Lifetime movies, and spontaneous trips to Target. When I'm not spending time behind behind my camera I love: watching a Hallmark movie on the couch wrapped in a warm cozy blanket and/or a night out with my girls, preferably a night dancing with a good drink in my hand because as Shakira says ,”hips don’t lie.”

I photograph with my heart and not with my eyes. I photograph my clients, whether they are a sweet couple who just got engaged or a fashion blogger who's always up for a new adventure, the way I would want my photographer to capture my celebration: with love, kindness, and laughter, because the best emotions are never posed. Oh and I also photograph in natural light, which means I rarely, if  ever, use studio lighting- I prefer the soft glow of natural light to illuminate my clients! 

oh hey there!

I'm Elena


hallmark movies

Yup that's right. I have zero shame admitting that I record Hallmark movies all year round so I can sit and watch them later because I love getting lost in a love story - even if it’s predictable.


total bookworm

My Dad used to tell me growing up, "Nena, you eat words for dinner." Nothing makes me happier than getting lost in a dystopian world, romantic plot, turn-paging mystery, or reading about real life situation. My imagination runs wild & it's an incredible feeling. 



One of my biggest weaknesses + one of my favorite foods in the world. I'm still waiting for the day where it won't contribute to weight gain, but until then I'm going to pretend that they aren't and still keep eating them. 


dry shampoo

I like to say "The dirtier the hair, the better the care." Hence why dry shampoo is my best friend. We're so close that sometimes I forget when I washed it. But. My hairdresser is rather impressed with how healthy I've kept it. Also top knots = a cute go-to look to make it seem that you're only sporting three day hair & not five. 


multiple trips to Target

I spend way to much time at Target and it takes a lot of self control to not get more than what’s on my shopping list - but sometimes...okay a lot of the time, a girl can’t resist a good sale or a new beauty product!


my first "big girl" job

favorite boy band

favorite disney movie

favorite season

my first photographs

autumn, sweater weather & marshmallow fireside

victoria's secret

backstreet boys 

lion king

flamingos & shamu
on a family vacation to sea world


i graduated with

favorite sound

a bachelor's degree in Political science with a concentration in criminal justice


a few of my favorite things