I'm an introverted- extrovert who loves meeting people ( I'm a hugger) &  I'm known for talking with my hands - a lot; the more passionate I am about a topic the more I use my hands to express myself. 

I consider myself a PBBC aka Professional Box Baking Champion & will always volunteer to bake a pan of brownies or a cake!

Some of my favorite shows include: Hart of Dixie, The 100, Swamp People, What on Earth? and Criminal Minds to name a few. 

Target is my "happy place" but shopping on Amazon - that's addicting too!

I'm slightly competitive which is why I love I love game nights; Uno, Pit, Phase 10, Scattergories, and Clue are some of favorites to play!

I love m&m's, brownies and Neapolitan ice cream - my favorites sweets!

My sisters are my best friends and my best laughs turning to high pitched cackles

Hey there! I'm elena!

So hey! Wanna be friends?

I love an excuse to travel to a new location whether it's a new city or a different country.
My bucket-list is full of places to see!


My favorite Podcast to listen at home or on the road. Ashley & Reena are a dynamite-duo with relatable content that will on more than one occasion have you in tears from laughing your a** off!

Girls Gotta Eat

An actual book, my Kindle app, or via Audible; I love a good book. Some of my favorites I've listed above but Jodie Picoult, Helena Hunting & Victoria Aveyard are my top 3 authors. 

never not reading

I have a sweet tooth for cake, cupcakes, brownies, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, Mexican pastries, M&M's & croissants just to name a few.
But not so much for candy.