A Cozy Rustic Indiana Winter Engagement

March 18, 2018

When I look back on my life before photography, sitting at my 9-5 desk job and wondering – isn’t there more to life? I never could’ve imagined what my life is like now once I took that leap of faith a went towards pursing my passion. I’m not talking about the business. Or talking about the clicking of the shutter, the capturing of memories, the living out of my passion (even though all those things are awesome). In fact, the most unexpected blessing that came from me following my passion has nothing little to do with photography or business. But has everything to do with people.

If I never went after what I love, I would’ve missed out on some of the most life-giving, cherished relationships of my life. Because through the photography world I’ve made some incredible friends and have witnessed their incredible journey.

Those people are Brenda and Dan. I met Brenda (and her adorable fiancé Dan) last summer. Brenda and Dan were then expecting their now daughter Ellie. Guys, baby Ellie is so stinking adorable! I can’t…she’s just so cute! Anyways, after their maternity session ended, we talked about their wedding (that will take place this year) and how they were still looking for a photographer. Well what did you know? I was available on their wedding date! When Brenda texted me to tell me they wanted to me to capture their love story I was ecstatic! When we met we had blast catching up and talking about baby Ellie. I love when clients become friends because you can chat for hours. Earlier this winter, we shot their engagement session and while it was freezing (Dan & Brenda are such troopers!) we created an unforgettable experience!


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