Payment plans are customized for each individual that I work with. Prior to booking we will created your payment plan together. 

My turn-around time for delivering galleries is rather quick but I do make sure to give myself enough time to perfect your images.

I use an online gallery, which allows you to have access to your images anywhere you are; you just need WIFI! The gallery is a simple URL so you can easily download your images to your personal laptop or phone. I’ll send you an email with instructions on how to access your images so it’s easy to navigate your gallery. 

For Lifestyle Influencer Sessions it varies from person to person; some need shoots twice a month for 2 hours, others only 1 hour twice a month while others only need content shot weekly for 1-2 hours.

*It's important to factor in how many personal, sponsored, and other related content you post on your socials, website, and/or blog as well as how much sponsored content you are publishing weekly/monthly as well.*

For Personal Branding Sessions I recommend  anytime a “noticeable” change has happened in your business such as:
- When you are releasing a new course,
product (s) , service etc.
- Launching an entirely new website
- Introducing new members to your team & more.

Ideally though it’s wise to have updated images at least twice a year for the warmer & colder months. So your images & brand remain current & up to date.

OF COURSE! We can absolutely work something out! If you're a travel blogger or a brand/business owner who lives out of state and/or not in the Chicagoland area and would like me to come to you, then let me know & we'll discuss travel fees.

Elena Cuellar Enterprises, Inc. is the sole owner of all image/video content taken by Elena Cuellar Enterprises, INC. 

My client's sign a commercial contract and are given a commercial usage license and printing rights with the delivery of all content created. A Client may use any and all images on social media, website, and marketing (online and print). However, a Client cannot give another brand/business permission to use any content on another site, branding, or advertisements without permission from Elena Cuellar Enterprises, INC.

*Additional rates will apply for commercial usage license including; Product/Branding/Beauty Campaigns, E-Books, Print Books, Magazines, and E-Commerce marketing.

I rarely do. 

During our session, I take a hundred + photos. Some are test shots, out of focus (even the best photographers have a few blurred photographs), aren't the most flattering etc. It's a lot of photos to go through, but I've trained my eye to look for the best of the best. It can be extremely overwhelming for someone who's not familiar with what to look for, has a software program to cull through hundreds of photos, knows the difference in editing a RAW vs. JPEG. etc.

*The only exception I will allow is when a Brand is directly accessing rights to the images taken. Please let me know in advance as a separate contract & license will be needed for the brand you are working with can have access / rights to the RAW images.

Most people don’t! Including myself, my home office is a tiny desk in my room but that’s “my office!” There are so many studios, workspaces, coffee shops, and air b&b’s we can research prior to your shoot. If we can’t find one that fits your style/budget, we’ll get creative (i.e. ask friends & fellow boss best to use their pretty houses & office spaces! ;))